Bulldog London Dry Gin


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Bulldog London Dry Gin (8.00/10) 6 votes

Critics Average Rating:8.4 /10
Gintopia Editors Rating:7.0 /10
User Average Rating:7.8 /10

User Ratings: (104 Votes)
7.76Overall Score
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From the distiller:

BULLDOG London Dry Gin is not your grandfather’s gin. BULLDOG Gin is a multi-award winning, super-premium gin handcrafted at an English distillery that has been making the highest quality gin for over 250 years.

The exotic botanicals and high quality ingredients combined with the quadruple distillation process allow our product to defy convention with a balanced flavour and crisp finish.

Visit the BULLDOG London Dry Gin Website.

Critic Reviews:

“With each sip new notes can be found with lavender, citrus and juniper dominating.” – About.com Cocktails
4/5 stars   Read Full Review

“Whether you’re a tonic type or want a slightly unusual martini, Bulldog is an excellent pick, one of the best gins on the market today and at a great price.” – Drinkhacker.com
5/5 stars   Read Full Review

“While not as versatile as other gins that I have sampled, Bulldog Gin, like its namesake has character.” – Drinking Made Easy
4.5/5 stars   Read Full Review

More Critic Reviews

“We love how Bulldog balances the floral, sweet, and spice into a focused and approachable taste experience.” – Drink Spirits
5/5 stars   Read Full Review

“Overall the taste, aroma, flavour is quite subtle, maybe too subtle.” – Gin & Griddle
3.5/5 stars   Read Full Review

“Will appeal to martini and gin drinkers, and at this price point its hard to not find a lot to like about Bulldog Gin.” – TheGinIsIn
3.5/5 stars   Read Full Review

“It has a powerful flavour profile and while it has some quirks and foibles, but it isn’t utterly dominated by them.” – Gin Journey
4.5/5 stars   Read Full Review

“Bulldog is a gin for the more experienced gin-drinker, but it has a very nice angle with some unique botanicals.” – Mister Cocktail
4.5/5 stars   Read Full Review

“This is not your fathers Gin or the kind you got deathly ill with earlier in High School or College (or maybe even before). It is a lighter style that bears more resemblance to a exotic spice melange than a fir tree.” – Spirits Review
4/5 stars   Read Full Review

“Well crafted, stylish, and will be a hit with those new to gin.”  – Tastings.com
4.5/5 stars   Read Full Review

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